29 November
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Well I wish that I could be someone else
sometimes I understand that I'm not supposed to feel like this.
I should be happy inside, I'm trying, honest I am
look how busy I am but I might not learn how to fix it or even change it

the 411
The name is Janine. I'm a 28 year old fangirl living in Munich, Germany. I've graduated from university with a bachelor degree in media computer science and am currently working.

I love my computer and am a total internet addict. On top of that, I'm a tv show fanatic and love to read, daydream & fangirl.

I'm a crazy internet/fansite addict since 1999 and spun such ideas like The Fanlistings while being bored out of my socks. :)

tv shows
LOST, Gane of Thrones, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, Roswell, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, Alias, The O.C., Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Supernatural, Merlin, etc.

Some Like It Hot, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Inception, The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Vanilla Sky, Wicker Park, Into the Wild, Underworld, Lord of the Rings, Cloverfield, Interview with the Vampire, Never Back Down

Jensen Ackles, Jackson Rathbone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Barnes, Taylor Kitsch, Josh Holloway, Tom Cruise, Jason Behr, Josh Hartnett, Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Matthew Fox, Joshua Jackson, Kiefer Sutherland, Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Alex Pettyfer, Luke Grimes, Matthew Goode, Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Sophia Bush, Eliza Dushku, Diane Kruger, Leighton Meester, Kristen Stewart, Katherine Heigl, Melissa George, Evangeline Lilly, Charisma Carpenter, Christina Ricci, Kate Beckinsale

Alaric ♥ Elena, Alex ♥ Izzie, Angel ♥ Cordelia, Arthur ♥ Morgana, Barney ♥ Robin, Buffy ♥ Spike, Brooke ♥ Lucas, Brooke ♥ Nathan, Chandler ♥ Monica, Clark ♥ Lois, Damon ♥ Elena, Dan ♥ Blair, Dean ♥ Brooke, Edward ♥ Bella, Elijah ♥ Elena, Eric ♥ Tami, Ian ♥ Wanda, Jace ♥ Clary, Jaime ♥ Brienne, Jasper ♥ Alice, Jasper ♥ Bella, Jem ♥ Tessa, Lamb ♥ Veronica, Lauren ♥ Sark, Lex ♥ Lana, Oliver ♥ Chloe, Logan ♥ Veronica, Pacey ♥ Joey, Paul ♥ Echo; Peeta ♥ Katniss, Rigsby ♥ Van Pelt, Ron ♥ Hermione, Ryan ♥ Summer, Sawyer ♥ Kate, Sheldon ♥ Penny, Stefan ♥ Caroline, Tim ♥ Julie, Tim ♥ Lyla

I am the LOIS LANE of Livejournal

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90210, alex/izzie, alias, amanda righetti, amber heard, angel, angel/cordelia, angel/cordy, angelus, aragorn, aragorn/eowyn, arthur/morgana, ashlee simpson, ats, barney/robin, blair waldorf, bradley james, brooke/dean, brooke/lucas, brooke/nathan, buffy, buffy/spike, chandler/monica, charisma carpenter, chris pine, christian kane, clark/lois, clary/jace, damon/elena, dan/blair, dawson's creek, dean winchester, dean/bela, diane kruger, diane/josh, dollhouse, edward/bella, eliza dushku, eowyn, erica durance, ethan/silver, evangeline lilly, fansites, friday night lights, friends, fringe, gilmore girls, gossip girl, graphics, grey's anatomy, halo, hayden/milo, heroes, jackson rathbone, james lafferty, jason behr, jasper/alice, jasper/bella, jensen ackles, josh holloway, joshua jackson, kate walsh, katherine heigl, katie holmes, kiefer sutherland, kock, kristen stewart, lamb/veronica, lauren reed, lauren/sark, leighton meester, lex/lana, lex/lois, logan/veronica, lois lane, london, lord of the rings, lost, luke grimes, luke/lorelai, mark/addison, matthew fox, max/liz, max/tess, melissa george, merlin, michael rosenbaum, michael/maria, miranda otto, monica/chandler, movies, never back down, new york city, one tree hill, pacey/joey, paire, paul/echo, peeta/katniss, penn badgley, peter/claire, pinto, pirates of the caribbean, private practice, rigsby/van pelt, ron/hermione, rory/jess, roswell, ryan/naomi, ryan/summer, sawyer/kate, sean faris, sheldon/penny, simon/isabelle, smallville, sophia bush, sophia/james, sophia/jensen, spock/uhura, star trek, supernatural, sydney/sark, sydney/vaughn, taylor kitsch, the big bang theory, the hunger games, the lost boys, the mentalist, the mortal instruments, the o.c., the vampire diaries, tim/julie, tim/lyla, tom cruise, tru calling, tv shows, twilight, vampires, wentworth miller, zachary quinto